The name of the Company has been changed from “Punjab Alkalies & Chemicals Limited” to “Primo Chemicals Limited” w.e.f. 19/12/2022
CIN NO: L24119CH1975PLC003607
Chandigarh GST: 04AAACP9915E1ZL
Nangal GST: 03AAACP9915E1ZN
Chandigarh ISD GST: 04AAACP9915E2ZK
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The brief history of the Company is enumerated as below :

January, 1984 Commenced operations with an installed capacity of 37,059 TPA of Caustic Soda and 16,500 TPA of Liquid Chlorine
September, 1987 Caustic Soda Flaking Unit Commissioned
December, 1988 Changeover from Graphite Anodes to Dimensionally Stable Metal Anodes and installed an Anode Control and Protection Device
October, 1991 Installed capacity of Caustic Soda Lye and Liquid Chlorine increased to 41,152 TPA and 29,700 TPA respectively
1992 Installed capacity of Caustic Soda Lye increased to 50,820 TPA
August, 1995 100 TPD grassroot plant based on the HOECHST - UHDE Membrane Cell Technology was commissioned (now Unit-II) Installed capacity of Caustic Soda Lye increased to 83,820 TPA and Chlorine to 52,800 TPA respectively
1998 Conversion of existing 170 TPD Mercury Cell Plant to 200 TPD Membrane Cell Plant (now Unit-II)
2019 Conversion of Existing 200 TPD Membrane Cell Plant (Unit-II) from generation 3 to new 6th generation Membrane Cell Plant is under progress.
2020 Appointment of New Management.
2022 Manufacturing capacity expanded from 300 TPD to 500 TPD, change of name to ‘Primo Chemicals Limited’ w.e.f. 19.12.2022 and recorded nine - fold increase in net profits.
2023 Commissioned SBP plant, capacity of 33,000 MTPA.