The name of the Company has been changed from “Punjab Alkalies & Chemicals Limited” to “Primo Chemicals Limited” w.e.f. 19/12/2022
CIN NO: L24119CH1975PLC003607
Chandigarh GST: 04AAACP9915E1ZL
Nangal GST: 03AAACP9915E1ZN
Chandigarh ISD GST: 04AAACP9915E2ZK
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Human Resource

  1. The Managerial Team consists of professionals like Chartered Accountants, qualified Engineers, MBA’s, Law Graduates, and Company Secretary etc.
  2. The middle level Management also has qualified people from various fields with long years of practical work experience in Chlor-Alkali industry and Chemical Units.
  3. The total manpower on Company’s Rolls at Works and Head Office is 428 which include Managerial, Supervisory and Skilled employees. Besides this, around 180 workmen per day (average basis) are also being deployed at Works.
  4. We at Primo Chemicals Ltd. are committed to development of Human Resources through continuous training programs, skill up-gradation and empowerment.
  5. The Company cares for its human resources and as a result more than 300 employees have completed 15 years & above service in the Company.
  6. The Industrial Relations at PCL have been peaceful.
  7. No man-days lost in the last more than 10 years due to any labour problem or industrial unrest.